Adding extra magic and wow factor at this special time of year!


  • Do you have a Santa's Grotto or Christmas attraction?
  • Would you like to make it extra magical this year?  
  • Would you like to wow your visitors even more than usual?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then look no further than the addition of snow.  Adding snow to your attraction is the show stopper that transports your guests to your winter wonderland. Adding snow comes in all shapes and sizes, settled snow covering walk ways, buildings, barns, haybales, trees, lawns and gardens, Christmas trees, props, wreaths and not forgetting snow machines to snow on your visitors as walk through your attraction.


Settled snow is a paper based artificial snow effect that covers large and small areas available for both interior and exterior areas. Snow machines and fluids to 'make it snow' are also available here How long will it last? Interior snow coverage will depend on the design of the area, for example if your snow covered area is on a scene that doesn't allow visitor access and is undisturbed it will last for the duration of your experience. If your area allows visitor access you may require a top up during your event run. Exterior snow has a glue element that hardens after 2 - 3 days and is weather resistant as long as you do not experience incessant heavy rain and/or excess wind (storm like conditions).  If the area is relatively sheltered either via tree cover, surrounding buildings or similar your snow should last for the duration of your event. Should your area be open to the elements and/or exposed to very bad weather or heavy rain you may require an additional covering. Removal: Interior - Sweep up and clear snow into recyclable bags and recycle.  Whilst the product is biodegradable avoid pouring product into drains and waterways.  When clearing away ensure you wear protective masks and do not inhale. Exterior - On surfaces that are not sensitive to water remove by running a stream of water over the site.  Lawns will require pre laid matting, to dispose of accordingly, remove matting and rake or vacuum up any remaining snow, small white particles will degrade. When removing all snow products ensure your team wear masks and/or appropriate clothing. How much does it cost? Due to the vast variations of areas that snow can be used for, your quote will be based on the size of the area you would like covered. For a quote please get in touch with:
  • A description of the area you would like covered,
  • Interior, exterior, both
  • Approximate size
  • Number of Christmas trees
  • A photo of the area if possible
  • Anything else you think we might need to know
As grotto designers and builders we understand it can be difficult to be 100% accurate on your measurements before your experience is built but please provide the information to the best of your knowledge, adjustments can be made at a later stage if needed. Safety Information: Snow is paper based, exterior use snow has an added glue element. Both interior and exterior snow are:
  • Ecologically safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Non flammable
  • Non Hazardous
  • Pose no danger to the environment (including surface water, river or ponds) or the ozone layer
Exterior snow is not suitable for use on live trees, plants or lawns as may cause plant deterioration.  For lawn application we will lay matting to lawns etc prior to snow coverage, this will be included in your quote. Application:  Application via the Snow Magical Team only, machines not available on hire. Requirements: The Snow Magical Team will require power with a regular UK 3 pin plug socket and access to a water tap/hose.  If your tap is a fair distance away from the area please have a long hose extension available. Snow takes approx 2 - 3 hours to dry, during this time the area must be closed to the public and events team due to the possible inhalation of dust.  Anyone working within the vicinity of the area during application, during the following 2 - 3 hours (or until the dust has settled) after application and/or during removal will be required to wear a dust mask.